Cherry Season – It’s No Longer “The Pits”!

OXO Cherry Pitter on My Baking Addiction

Image from My Baking Addiction

We love Cherry Season! Not only do we get to eat delicious cherry deserts but we can also play with one of our favorite secret weapons: the OXO Cherry Pitter! This season, it seems like our secret hit the main-stage and became an instant hit. Check out some of the great tweets and posts we saw!

My Baking Addiction featured the OXO Pitter as one of her Kitchen Essentials! With amazing recipes like this one for Cherry Hand Pies, we can understand why the Pitter is one of Jamie’s favorites.

Mango & Tomato made a delicious Sour Cherry Compote recipe that included a beautiful shot of the Pitter.

OXO Cherry Pitter on Mango Tomato

Image from Mango & Tomato

We were also floored by all the love we received on Twitter! Check out a compilation of some of the top tweets after the jump.

Some of the top Cherry Pitter tweets we received:

Cherry Pitter Tweets

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