OXO’s Ready For Summer…Are You?


OXOnians love summer for many reasons – longer days, summer vacations, and … fruit. All you have to do is take a quick gander at our Fruit Tools to know we’re slightly obsessed with pitting, splitting, hulling, scooping, coring and dividing to make the most of a deliciously ripe piece of fruit.

We’re pleased to offer a limited number of bloggers the chance to receive a set of five of our favorite fruit tools (worth over $50), each detailed below. If you are interested in being considered, please fill out this form by Monday, April 29, 2013 at 5pm ET.

As always, please familiarize yourselves with our guidelines on the left hand side of our Blogger Outreach Page. You can always reach out to us at marketing@oxo.com with any questions.

Strawberry Huller

Strawberry fans, rejoice! Our adorable Strawberry Huller makes it easy to enjoy this delicious fruit for dessert or snacking. A quick pierce of the fruit removes the leaves and tart hull in one easy step. A little button on top releases the waste, making for easy cleanup. Though one can use a paring knife for the task (we know, we know…), this tool is particularly great because it is safe for use with kids and reduces waste, so you have more of that sweet fruit to enjoy. Strawberries are grown in the United States from January through November, but they are at their peak from April through June. Learn more about OXO’s Strawberry Huller here.

Mango Splitter

Our Mango Splitter is a favorite among OXOnians – not just because it makes it so much easier to prepare this delicious fruit, best enjoyed in June, but because of how it came to be: a number of years ago, Pastor Kevin Walzac came to us with a “Frankenstein” prototype of a tool that splits and pits mangoes in one easy step. He fell in love with Mangoes while on a mission in Africa and figured many Americans didn’t enjoy this delicious fruit because of how cumbersome they are to prepare. We were floored, and not just by what a genuinely nice person he is. Learn more here.

Cherry Pitter

Would you believe we spent nearly two years developing the OXO Cherry & Olive Pitter We worked tirelessly to create a tool that is comfortable to use, works with a variety of cherry sizes (including Bing and Rainier), and helps control the spray of cherry juice and pits! With such a helpful tool, it’s great to know Cherry Season is so long - Northwest Cherries are at their peak between June and August.We had such great success with our Cherry Pitter program last summer, we decided to add it to the mix again this year – and in a new color! Learn more about this amazing tool here.

Pineapple Slicer

At OXO, pineapples were always something we loved to eat, but the preparation was something left to be desired. With the help of our handy Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer, we’ve been indulging in this prickly skinned fruit more often – thank goodness its season they’re pretty much available all year long, though the peak season for Caribbean Pineapples is August through September. What makes our Pineapple Slicer so special is its handle. Always focused on the tiniest detail, our engineers recommended a handle that worked like a ratchet – that is, one where you don’t have to remove and replace your hand with each twist. Learn more about this amazing fruit tool here.

2-Piece Fruit Scoops

Aah, our Fruit Scoops. Is there anything that these babies couldn’t tackle? Kiwi? Check. Mango? Check. Watermelon? Check. Cantaloupe? Check. Beyond just fruit, these tools are great for avocado, butternut squash, pumpkins… You’ll find yourself turning to them throughout the year. The Scoops were designed specifically to get right between the skin and fruit, minimizing waste. The edges are sharp enough to extract fruit, but safe for use with children (so it’s actually great for Pumpkin Carving time). A soft, non-slip handle is perfect for repetitive tasks – like when you’re making that Watermelon boat! Learn more here.

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