The Very Vegetarian Recipe Challenge

OXO + Plated

With summer drawing to a close and autumn just around the corner, we’re excited to be partnering with Plated* for an exciting new blogger outreach challenge!

In conjunction with Plated’s highly anticipated vegetarian launch, we’re inviting participating bloggers to create a seasonal vegetarian “plate” using any three of these featured OXO tools:

12″ Tongs with Silicone Heads
Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer
2 Piece Fruit Scoop Set
Salad Dressing Shaker
Corn Peeler
9″ Whisk

Together with Plated’s culinary director, we’ll be selecting four recipes to be featured to Plated’s nationwide audience in November. Plated members across the US will not only be introduced to your blog but also preparing your recipes in their own homes.

Following the Plated guidelines**, post your recipe submission on your blog by October 7th to be eligible.

If you’re interested in being considered for this opportunity, please fill this out by SATURDAY, SEPT 14th, 5PM [this opportunity is now closed]. We’ll be equipping accepted bloggers with all 6 OXO tools above for this challenge.

*What is Plated?
Plated ships you all the ingredients (in exact quantities) and instructions to cook a gourmet meal in thirty minutes or less. Click here to learn about how it works.

**Plated Guidelines
- Recipes are doable from start to finish in 30 minutes, including chopping!
- Yield 2 servings
- Use 10-12 ingredients
- Are complete in that they include vegetables, starch/grain, and protein (eggs and dairy are ok)
- Include seasonal ingredients
- Are broken down into 5-6 steps easy to follow steps

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