A Tool to Make the Perfect Tomato Soup

Tomatoes in OXO Food Mill

Have you figured out how to make perfect tomato soup… (and other creams, sauces, soups and baby foods)? Blogger Miss in the Kitchen tackled the soup question with the help of the OXO Food Mill. In a great post about Roasted Tomato Soup, Milisa shared how running roasted tomatoes through the Mill helps give the soup a more vibrant flavor than just boiling them down. Additionally, you have more control over the soup texture when using the three interchangeable disks that come with the Mill.

This is another great example of how OXO is currently working with bloggers. We loved this post and shared it with our Twitter followers and Facebook fans. You can find the delicious recipe here! Do you have any other creative ways to integrate a Mill into an original recipe?

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.

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