Meal Milestones with OXO Tot

The first laugh, first time saying mama, first time standing up: these are all big milestones for your baby, and we love hearing about them! Meal Milestones, like the first time your tot tried a new food (lemons, anyone?) or held a spoon all by their self, are also important to capture. We’re bringing a new Blogger Outreach opportunity to the table so that your little one can get in on the action.

We’ve put together a set of products to help out with those oh-so-precious meal milestones. The set includes:

tot_61114700_3 -RGB (1)tot_61114800_2 -RGB (1)

Glass Baby Blocks in Pink or Green [New colors!]


Roll-Up Bib Aqua Pattern or Gray Pattern [New Patterns!]


Transitions Sippy Cup Set – Apple Green, Aqua or Pink


6147500_1Silicone Feeding Spoon

Campaign guidelines:
– Choose which color you’d like to receive for each product and let us know by Tuesday, February 7th @ 5pm EST
– Create a blog post around your tot’s Meal Milestones (this can be trying a new food, holding the sippy cup or spoon all by themselves or any other moment that’s special)
– Include photos of the products you receive, preferably in use
– Include campaign links (we’ll send you links to use in a follow up email)

Some important information to take note of before signing up for this opportunity:
– Use the Transition Sippy Cup set in whichever way is best for your child
– Post deadline is Friday, March 3rd
– Let us know when you post by filling out the form on

[This opportunity is now closed]

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