New Year, New Breakfast


A new year always brings resolutions – we want to work out more, drink more water and cook more often. But, we quickly realize that sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get all of those things done. This year, we want to help you out, and we’re starting with the most important meal of the day: Breakfast. We want to make sure your day starts on a good note so that you do have time for your resolutions.
For this Blogger Outreach opportunity, we’ve put together two sets of products from our new microwave line, plus some coffee and tea products, to make life a little bit easier as you’re rushing to get out of the house in the morning.  We want to hear about your morning routine and how you incorporate the set to make a new kind of breakfast this year:
Omelets & Coffee Egg Sandwiches & Tea
gg_11185600_4dMicrowave Omelet Maker gg_11185500_1aMicrowave Egg Cooker
gg_11180100_1Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank 1410280_1Twisting Tea Ball
gg_11185700_1aMicrowave Bacon Crisper gg_11185700_1aMicrowave Bacon Crisper
on_8710300_1Cordless Glass Electric Kettle 8716900_Cordless Adjustable Temperature Glass KettleAdjustable Temperature Kettle
Campaign Guidelines
-Choose which set you’d like by Tuesday, January 10 @ 5pm EST
-Create a blog post about your morning routine and incorporate the set of products you receive
Include the following in your blog post:
-Original photography of products in use
-Product features (we will provide these in your campaign confirmation email)
-Embed product page links in your post (links will be provided)
-Post deadline is Wednesday, February 8
-Let us know when your post goes up by submitting it on

 [This opportunity is now closed]


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