You can always spot an OXOnian because they’re the ones who are jumping up and down pointing at the TV/movie screen saying “Did you see? That was an OXO _____ on the counter/in the bathroom/in her hands etc.” What can we say? We just love spotting OXO tools!

When we find them on blogs, we often love to spread the news and share these posts with our over 170k fans/followers in social media, with our consumer mailing list and our sales team. While we can’t do this with every post, it’s great to know if you’ve talked about OXO in any way.

If you’ve included one of our tools in your photography, talked about it in the general post or recipe instructions or shared excitement about it in your social media channels, please let us know!

While we always appreciate tags in social media (we’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ at either @OXO or @OXOTot), give us a heads up here on OXO Spot so we can easily find your content to share with our fans.

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