Cherry Season – It’s No Longer “The Pits”!

We love Cherry Season! Not only do we get to eat delicious cherry deserts but we can also play with one of our favorite secret weapons: the OXO Cherry Pitter! This season, it seems like our secret hit the main-stage and became an instant hit. Check out some of the great tweets and posts we saw! My Baking Addiction featured the OXO Pitter as one of her Kitchen Essentials! With amazing recipes like this one for Cherry Hand Pies, we can understand why the Pitter is one of Jamie’s favorites. Mango & Tomato made a delicious Sour Cherry Compote recipe that included a beautiful shot of the Pitter. We were also floored by all the love we received on Twitter! Check out a compilation of some of the top tweets after the jump.

A Tool to Make the Perfect Tomato Soup

Have you figured out how to make perfect tomato soup… (and other creams, sauces, soups and baby foods)? Blogger Miss in the Kitchen tackled the soup question with the help of the OXO Food Mill. In a great post about Roasted Tomato Soup, Milisa shared how running roasted tomatoes through the Mill helps give the soup a more vibrant flavor than just boiling them down. Additionally, you have more control over the soup texture when using the three interchangeable disks that come with the Mill. This is another great example of how OXO is currently working with bloggers. We loved this post and shared it with our Twitter followers and Facebook fans. You can find the delicious recipe here! Do you have any other creative ways to integrate a Mill into an original recipe? Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.

Hope you enjoyed Blog Her Food and Eat, Write, Retreat!

Last weekend was packed with food blogger events and conferences! We had an amazing time and met incredible bloggers & photographers. We’re excited that we were able to share our passion for cooking with others who feel that love as well. For those of you who attended the events, we hope you enjoy the Tongs and other OXO tools you went home with. We’re in the process of ironing out the final details for our next Blogger Outreach opportunity. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss the big announcement. For more on the background of the program, click here. Also check out a few of the excited tweets we received this week! We’ve also loved the recaps we’ve seen. Here are a few great ones from Eat, Write, Retreat by Flamingo Musings, Tastes Better with Friends and More than Burnt Toast.

OXO goes to DC!

OXO’s going to DC for the Eat, Write, Retreat Blogger Festival as the official Kitchen Tool Sponsor! We are extremely excited to be at this event. We love that the dynamic hands-on programming at the conference will allow us to directly support food bloggers as they learn and grow. Stay tuned for pictures and updates!