#SliceItUp Winners Announced!

We’ve been busy slicing up a storm in the OXO kitchen to try and select the winners of the Slice It Up Recipe Contest. With so many incredible entries, it was a difficult decision. Recipes were judged based on creativity, taste, incorporation of slicing skills and presentation. And the winners are…

The Zucchini Tart recipe from Stephanie Does scored very high in terms of presentation and flavor. What a beautiful tart! We loved the beauty and simplicity of the finished dish.

Katie Cucina’s Zucchini Lasagna received high marks in taste and presentation. While zucchini and similar vegetables have been used as pasta replacements in the past, this recipe created a perfect side dish where the zucchini flavor was able to shine even after adding the flavorful cheese and tomato sauces.

The Asian Slaw from Cooking With Books was an instant favorite. Not only did it incorporate impressive and varied slicing skills (we enjoyed the process shots), it also demonstrated creativity by adding an original twist to a more traditional slaw. The combination of the bacon with the crisp veggies and savory, Asian-inspired dressing led to an incredible taste.

Thank you to everyone who entered! We had a difficult time selecting our winner but it was also a lot of fun. To check out some of the many other wonderful entries we received, check out our board on Pinterest here. (Please note that not all entries are represented on this board.)

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