Spring Cleaning & Organizing: POP to it!

As we inch closer to spring, we’re starting to think about cleaning and organizing our homes for a fresh start to the warmer season. It’s the perfect time to clean the spots that never get love (we’re talking about you, area under the fridge!) and to reorganize kitchen cabinets that may have gotten out of hand. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in having a perfectly organized pantry and kitchen, and we want you to have that feeling too.

We’ve put together a set of products to help you kick-start cleaning and organizing for spring, and hopefully make it easier to find the flour without knocking over the baking powder! The set includes:

10-Piece POP Container Set


Microfiber Under Appliance Duster

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set

Campaign Guidelines:
-Apply for the campaign by Tuesday, March 7 @ 5pm EST
-Create a blog post about cleaning and organizing your home with the set of products you receive

Include the following in your blog post:
-Original photography of products in use
-Product features (we will provide these in your campaign confirmation email)
-Embed product page links in your post (links will be provided)
-Post deadline is Wednesday, April 5
-Let us know when your post goes up by submitting it on OXOSpot.com

Sign up by Tuesday, March 7 @ 5pm EST to be considered for this opportunity.

For some extra POP inspiration, check our blog for pantry makeovers. Hope you can join us and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

[This opportunity is now closed]

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