The Winners of the OXO Cherry Recipe Contest!

The OXO Cherry Recipe Contest was a hit! We received so many incredible recipes that the judges were tied and we had to hold an office-wide taste test to help break the tie. Ultimately, we selected four winners instead of three. Thank you to everyone who participated and please make sure to stop by our With a Cherry On Top Pinterest board to see some of the great recipes we received (as well as some of our favorite cherry recipes from around the web).

Tied in third place we have a Chocolate Cherry Cake from Tutti Dolci and a Roasted Cherry and Brie Pizza from From the Little Yellow Kitchen.

The Chocolate Cherry Cake is a wonderful example of how something simple and uncomplicated can be incredibly flavorful and beautiful. Tutti Dolci explains the cake best when she says: “Chocolate and cherry work in unison, neither one overpowering the other. Cinnamon adds an unexpected warmth that is most welcome against the pillowy chocolate cake dotted with fresh cherries. I find a wedge makes a lovely afternoon pick-me-up, though I also enjoy a sliver topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.” We couldn’t have said it better.

From the Little Yellow Kitchen impressed us with a Roasted Cherry and Brie Pizza with rosemary, caramelized onions and a balsamic reduction. This pizza not only looks beautiful with the deep reds and purples of the cherries intermixed with the green sprigs of rosemary, it also tastes incredible. Brie, cherries and rosemary would already have been delicious on their own but adding the balsamic reduction made for a perfect combination of sweet and tart.

Our second place winner is a recipe for absolutely stunning cupcakes. The Chocolate Amaretto Cupcakes from Maede. For. You. blew the judges away with their beauty and flavor. The amaretto soaked cherries dipped in white chocolate added a delicate touch of elegance to a moist and flavorful cupcake topped with rich and smooth amaretto buttercream frosting. The judges were pleasantly surprised by the accessibility of the recipe as well – Maede. For. You.’s instructions allowed us to recreate her robust recipe without any trouble. We will definitely be making these impressive cupcakes again soon!

In first place we have a very creative recipe that truly surprised the judges. BakeaholicMama’s Fried Cherry Cheesecake Bites were fun to make and were slightly addicting. Some of the judges had their doubts at first but everyone was thoroughly convinced after popping the first Cheesecake Bite into their mouths. Overall, this was a wonderful recipe that surprised everyone who tasted it. We definitely recommend trying it out!

Congratulations again to the four winners and thank you to everyone else who participated. If you’ve won, we’ll be in touch soon with more information about how to claim your prizes.


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